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  • Time Traveller Eye Witness
    In my former life as a kindergarten teacher, I was keenly aware of the impact of my behaviour on future generations. Their young age meant that they couldn’t always articulate their day to their families or maybe even hold a memory of it at home time – yet my behaviour would definitely shape them. Sometimes,… Read more: Time Traveller Eye Witness
  • Coffee Shop Poetry
    Has your creativity ever benefited from the “coffee shop effect”? This is when the hustle and bustle in places like your neighborhood cafe can boost your divergent thinking and creativity.  The reasons why this happens are numerous; there is more background noise, sensory stimulation, and crowds of ever changing people. Your thinking is boosted in… Read more: Coffee Shop Poetry
  • Welcome
    “The young woman fills her ‘office’ with things she drags from the flea market on Maxwell Street. Antique typewriters, alphabet blocks, asparagus ferns, bookshelves, ceramic figures from occupied Japan, wicker baskets, birdcages, hand painted photos. Things she likes to look at.” Sandra Cisneros in the introduction to The House on Mango Street Take a minuted… Read more: Welcome